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Beautiful Quote…..

Posted on: August 13, 2008

There is no time limit for self-realization. It could happen quickly in minutes, or take as long as one could take. Once mind is stilled
and impurities cleared, then one is near the goal. The time factor depends on the level of Being. The guru is alway with the disciple.
There is no question of leaving him at all. The guru will never leave him unless he sees the disciple reach his goal of self-realization.
Even death would not break the relationship, so one should be carefree
because the help from the guru is assured. As long as realization
hasn’t been achieved by the disciple, a mental picture remains in the
mind of the self-realized man until the disciple has reached his goal
and they are united. One can be very sure of being cared for. ~Shantanand Saraswati


3 Responses to "Beautiful Quote….."

eleh2x kenapa pake bahasa inggris euy..
hmm…gimana jalan2 hari ini buuu?
seneng pasti kan?

always say in english.
tamil please, or maybe urdu? hehehe

hadirr! bu guru saya hadirr

*kabuuuurrr lagiii ahhh

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